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J Computer Solutions LLC is a full scale IT consultancy based in Louisville, KY. Providing hardware, networking, infosec and software engineering services with a team of world class engineers. Whether you need something as simple as a cracked screen repaired, all the way to a scalable fullstack web application if it is IT related we can do it and we can do it right!

Our Skills

Offering both hardware, software and cloud solutions we are confident we can provide quality service for any of your technical needs.

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[skill title=”InfoSEC” percent=”90″ bgcolor=”#65676a”]
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[skill title=”Hardware Repair” percent=”100″ bgcolor=”#65676a”]
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What Our Clients Say

Over 90% of our clients are returning customers. That is how we know that we offer the best quality for the best prices.


Check Out Our Portfolio

A sample of some of the projects we have done for client and ourselves.

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Pocket Recorder




RV Trendy


Trusts Generator

Asset Protection As A Service https://trustsgenerator.com

Created Player, LLC

Gym in Louisville, KY

The ForkDive Experience

The ForkDive Experience

Premier chef in Louisville, KY. The ForkDive Experience LLC does private dinners, catering, and meal prep!

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Screen Recorder Pro

Screen Recorder Pro Is The Best On The Web Screen Recorder Pro is a progressive web application created by J Computer Solutions LLC