I.T. Consulting Done Right

Located in Louisville, KY. J Computer Solutions LLC is a software consultancy that focuses in fullstack web, mobile and blockchain applications. We specialize in both hourly and fixed bid projects our flexibility is second to none. Whether you are in need of a website, an app, a remote or onsite engineer J Computer Solutions LLC is the right choice for any project big or small!
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Silicon Valley Experience, Kentucky Values

Our team is comprised of engineers who have experience working for some of the best companies in the world including: Apple, GE, Dell and many more! We bring the best practices and policies from Silicon Valley and bring that value to the bluegrass region. We proudly proclaim we are nulli secondus in regards to software development and our mission is to help make Kentucky a tech hub of America.

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Our Services

Mobile Development

Whether iOS or Android we can create, maintain and deploy your mobile applications. Utilizing the power of Nativescript, we create truly native apps using Javascript technology and Vue.js

Web Development

We focus on fullstack web development using Laravel, Node.js, Vue.js, React.js and more.

Blockchain Development

Want to create the next big cryptocurrency? Perhaps you want to make the next CryptoKitty? In either case you will need a smart contract developer. We have blockchain engineers proficient on both the Ethereum and NEO platforms.

Web Services 

We are a registrar and hosting provider. We provide shared and dedicated virtual private servers to run your websites and web applications.

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Phone:  859-402-4863

Email: inquiries@jcompsolu.com

Alternatively you can fill out the form below.