#CodeLife Initiative

The #CodeLife Initiative

Creating Coders & Entrepreneurs

The #CodeLife Initiative was started in 2021 as a way to increase youth participation in computer science and coding. It is a set of workshops and classes aimed at teaching children grades K-12 how to program and at the same time how to become entrepreneurs. By partnering with schools, churches, community centers, neighborhoods and other 501(c) organizations, we can reach a wide array of children and set the economic pathway for a whole generation together.

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Metaverse Programming

Metaverse programming

Get started in the Metaverse with J Computer Solutions! Our six week metaverse course will teach children how to make interactive games for the Oculus Quest using the Unity gaming framework.

Learn the basics of smart contracts and blockchain programming with our six week course. With a focus on NFT creation, students will learn how to programmatically mint, sell and distrubute NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

Blockchain Programming

Mobile App Development

This course is all about mobile application development. Using the hybrid NativeScript technology with Vue.js students will learn how to create Android and iOS applications with ease. At the end of the course students will have built a functional mobile application.

During this six week course, students will learn the basic workings of the web and how to create progressive web applications. This course teaches HTML the markup of the internet, CSS the styling of the internet and Javascript the programming language of the internet. 

Web App Development

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