Technical Recruiter

Small to large companies use IT recruiters to hire professionals for areas of technology. Some of the professional positions include system architects, analysts, developers, engineers and technical support staff members.

To find companies that need their IT recruiting services, recruiters may solicit businesses by cold calling, networking or requesting referrals. Upon establishing relationships with those who need recruiting services, recruiters assist in the development of strategies and improvements to the hiring process. Recruiters must also understand any company policies and procedures, as well as any governmental guidelines and laws that must be followed prior to the hiring of job applicants.

IT recruiters create a pool of candidates through job fairs, social networking, community organizations, Internet data mining and media channels. Recruiters proceed with the identification of potential candidates through screening and interview of their pool of applicants. Usually, recruiters are also responsible for completing job applicant background checks and other pre-employment procedures.

IT recruiters are the communication link between the hiring company and the job applicant. Recruiters are responsible for staying in touch with job applicants and assisting providing them with guidance in their job search. Duties may also include the negotiation of salaries between the hiring company and the job candidate.